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White Motorcycle Concepts aims for the electric land speed record

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White Motorbike Principles CEO Rob White ideas to break the electrical land velocity report on a bike developed in-residence to do just that. The all-electrical WMC250EV is theoretically able of exceeding 250 mph (as its identify implies) and will deliver the foundation for a line of street-likely scooters and bikes White ideas to mass-develop. For now? It is about proving that the technology works, and to do so, WMC is aiming to choose down the Voxan Wattman, which at present retains the world’s land velocity report for an electrical motorbike at 254 mph. 

WMC states the bike has three tips up its sleeve, but what stands out the most is its aerodynamic pass-through layout that channels air directly through the bike fairly than just over and close to it. The organization states this layout improves the WMC250EV’s aero general performance by 70{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a} compared to the marketplace leaders. WMC states this layout also lets the use of regenerative braking on the front axle, supporting recapture some used power. 

The WMC250EV characteristics all-carbon-fiber system construction over a billet aluminum chassis and is driven by 4 Hacker synchronous electrical motors (two front two rear) manufacturing a overall of 100 kW – or approximately a hundred thirty five horsepower. The suspension makes use of Multimatic’s DSSV damper technology, the similar used in some superior-general performance street autos and the comparatively humble (but nonetheless incredibly very good) Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup. A 15kWh battery delivers the juice. 

“If you want to exhibit to the rest of the entire world that you have just invented a new aerodynamic idea that signifies you can go more rapidly for a specified energy, the best thing to do is go as quickly you can,” states White. “That’s why we created WMC250EV superior-velocity demonstrator, the most radical variation of this idea, to challenge for the entire world land velocity report. It is electrical, as that is the pre-eminent zero emissions energy resource at the minute, but as the aerodynamic idea delivers performance advantage, it could just as very easily be hydrogen or any other future energy resource.”

“The records are all champagne, but are really the insignificant aspect of the story,” states White. “While this technology lets you to go more rapidly, it also lets you to go a lot even more for the similar amount of money of power. This has a direct and tangible advantage on C02 reduction. Sector-disruptive strategies like this are unheard of, and if successful, have the potential to revolutionize industry.”

Search for the WMC250EV’s 1st report tries afterwards this year. 

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