Watch Ken Block Drift An Ford F-450 Dually

For the next 5 minutes or so, the dually does burnouts and drifts about the Escort and the entire monitor. If this seems quick, it can be not. Block describes that permitting off the gas pedal to shift the fat of the F-450 just about fully stops the truck as he waits for improve to establish all over again. Sooner or later, he figures out that 3rd equipment is the right ratio that keeps the wheel speed up.

Even though we now know how to get an 8,000-pound dually sideways, we would not recommend making an attempt this at home and we imagine it may perhaps impact your warranty. Or it’s possible not. Who’s gonna imagine that you drifted an F-450 on concrete?

Block may perhaps be stepping absent from Gymkhana, but he nonetheless appears to love what he does. Will we see another Climbkhana? Here’s hoping.