January 29, 2023

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VW Golf GTI Mk6 Has VR6 Engine And Only Two Seats

Do you miss VW’s oddball VR6 motor? Properly then, you’re likely to like what this VW MK6 GTI owner did to their hatchback. Immediately after paying out a wonderful deal of time modifying and then fixing his stock inline-4 in his MK6 this VW GTI owner made the decision it was time to bring again the VW VR6. Immediately after two months of planning the stock, the motor was out of the motor bay to make way for this amazing last products. Welcome to the VR6 swapped MK6 Golf GTI.

The VW VR6 motor is a legendary oddity that makes use of a distinctive motor structure all its own. The VW VR6 capabilities like a regular straight-6 motor but with a strange house-preserving twist. The VR6 makes use of a one valve cover and the identical firing get as a straight-6 but alternatively of arranging the cylinders in a straight line, they are staggered into a pretty slender V condition.

This interesting design shrinks the in general duration of the motor to enable VW to slot a six-cylinder motor into motor bays constructed to accommodate inline-4 engines. The VR6 was conceived just before turbocharging turned the most effective way to extract electric power from engines with modest footprints. The resulting motor was used in quite a few Audi and VW goods most notably in the VW R32 warm hatch which capabilities a 3.two-liter VR6 motor.

This design of staggered cylinders is also used in VW’s substantial-close brands like Bentley who build a W-12 which is just two VR6’s bolted jointly in a V. Even the Bugatti Chiron’s W-16 motor can thank the humble VR6 for its mad cylinder depend in these kinds of a compact house.

Despite the fact that turbocharging is the distinct way to get electric power into modest hatchbacks, practically nothing sounds really as fantastic as the VR6 motor. An motor that sounds so fantastic that there’s even a automobile competition committed to its distinctive audio connect with Wookies In The Woods.