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Toyota Has A Cunning Plan To Stop Thieves

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To begin with, a batch of 50,000 kits will be formulated by a enterprise identified as Smartwater that manufactures law enforcement-authorized marking kits. These kits increase invisible markings that can trace stolen catalytic converters to a certain crime, helping law enforcement track and arrest intruders. The services will be free of charge for all Toyota and Lexus homeowners, who basically will need to get in touch with their area vendor to set up for the marking to be equipped.

Robbers are focusing on more mature Toyota and Lexus hybrid types due to the fact the catalysts are place underneath much less worry than a non-electrified auto and are in greater affliction as a result. This also would make it tougher for Toyota to get in touch with homeowners due to the fact some more mature types may well no for a longer period be a component of its retailer community.

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