June 7, 2023

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Toyota beats VW in 2020 global sales race | Automotive Industry News

RAV4 was Toyotas top seller in 2020, boosted by US and China demand

RAV4 was Toyota’s top rated seller in 2020, boosted by US and China need

Toyota Motor has overwhelmed Volkswagen by all over 220,000 models in the global revenue race for 2020.

Team global revenue, which include Toyota/Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino, totalled nine,528,438 models, down 11.3{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a}, the automaker mentioned. Domestic Japan quantity fell seven.eight{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a} to two,156,738 when exports and nearby manufacturing abroad accounted for seven,371,seven hundred vehicles, down twelve.3{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a}.

Toyota and Lexus by yourself accounted for eight,692,168 global deliveries, down ten.5{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a}.

“Inspite of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been spreading since the beginning of 2020, Toyota was capable to continue on company activities by way of in depth implementation of several infection prevention measures, and by doing the job alongside one another with partners which include suppliers and sellers,” the automaker mentioned in a statement. “[We were being capable] to limit the decline in revenue to just ten.5{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a} calendar year-on-calendar year and manage domestic manufacturing at the 3m unit amount.”
Volkswagen Team bought nine,305,four hundred vehicles around the world very last calendar year, a reduce of 15.two{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a} calendar year-on-calendar year due to COVID-19, it mentioned in a statement previously this month. The tally, like Toyota’s involved VW Industrial Autos and Man and Scania significant trucks.
“The COVID-19 pandemic produced 2020 an extremely challenging calendar year,” mentioned group revenue main Christian Dahlheim. “The [group] performed nicely in this ecosystem and strengthened its current market position. We will continue to keep up the momentum this calendar year, adding a lot of much more desirable electrical models.”
Toyota mentioned its global manufacturing in 2020 was down twelve.six{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a} calendar year on calendar year to seven,909,488 around the world but China output rose nine.5{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a}.
December global manufacturing was up fourteen.four{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a}, the fourth consecutive regular boost, driven largely by North The usa, Japan, China, and Europe.
The global ratio of electrified car or truck revenue increased from approximately 20{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a} in 2019 to approximately 23{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a} in 2020. The boost was driven largely by revenue in Europe, China, and North The usa.
The greatest marketing Toyota car or truck from January to December was the RAV4, with global revenue of 994,000 models (up two.nine{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a}).
This was due to sturdy revenue in North The usa, the most important current market, as nicely as in China, which experienced revenue of one hundred seventy five,000 models (up 37.nine{ed0b873b90f1b87a4f3b347f1646a477c6eee9bccb9dcbe5ac9cb67a3d16495a}).