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This pristine 1999 Honda Prelude Type SH could be your ticket to the classic Honda life

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I did a double get when I noticed this car or truck pop up in our Autoblog Slack channel. Is Honda selling its manufacturing unit clean 1999 Prelude Variety SH? No, Honda is not. But any individual in New Jersey is selling a person that is identical to the museum piece I included past yr in a retro very first drive overview.

When I say identical, I necessarily mean it, far too. Crystal Blue Metallic? Check. Design yr 1999? Check. Variety SH? Check. Fully stock with nary a flaw to be located? Also check. The only actual variation is in the number of miles on this car or truck for sale. It is at this time sitting at 28,seven hundred miles, while the Prelude Variety SH I drove only experienced 2,four hundred miles. Either way, they are fundamentally brand new 22-yr-outdated automobiles, but you can essentially invest in this a person at this time up for auction on Cars and Bids. 

Honda up to date the Prelude for the 1999 design yr, including both power and massaged styling. Its 2.2-liter 4-cylinder (with VTEC!) makes two hundred horsepower and 156 pound-toes of torque. You could get an automatic, but the a person you want is this five-pace handbook. This becoming the Variety SH, it also has Honda’s genius ATTS torque vectoring method that counteracts understeer in this entrance-drive car or truck. And individuals specs and attributes are terrific, but I can provide you a very little extra of the driving encounter by quoting esteemed automotive professional, me. 

1999 Honda Prelude Type SH

“The Prelude starts off up quietly, and the deficiency of torque below three,000 rpm does not inspire a lookup for extra up higher. Pushed with out intent, it’s a correctly enjoyable daily driver that does not disturb the passengers. The suspension is comfortably compliant, and it accomplishes its objective of becoming refined in the cabin. Actually, nothing at all about this car or truck screams sporty at first.

“A unique car or truck wakes up when the tach needle swings previous 5,000 rpm. The staid coupe turns into a howling ‘aggressive sporting activities coupe.’ Indeed, Honda’s description was apt. A sonorous roar enters the cabin, raising in quantity and musicality as seven,four hundred rpm ways. It is a very simple, but very audio, a person we could get utilized to listening to day in and day out. It revs swiftly, far too. Initial gear goes by in a flash. A fast stab at the light-weight clutch pedal and shorter pull into second gear is fulfilling, and then the indignant bees are again.”

And huge surprise: It handles effectively, far too.

“As an empty roundabout ways, it looks the great option to see what the ATTS can seriously do. As an alternative of the entrance finish washing out in a sea of screeching rubber mid-corner, the nose tucks in obediently, and the car or truck silently passes by to the other side. Now that was odd. No understeer, no oversteer. A equivalent outcome takes place on each individual subsequent corner the Prelude Variety SH is tossed into. There is no fuss in any respect. As an alternative of combating the car or truck by the corner, it very easily picks up pace, and the outside the house wheel sends it by to the other side like a slingshot. The outcome is most visible in tighter corners where the inside of entrance wheel would historically spin up under power and gradual you down. That just does not occur in the Variety SH. It makes driving fast simpler and extra satisfying, all though silently running in the history.”

If you want extra, you should do examine my full Retro Initial Drive. And check out the pics of the take a look at car or truck below, far too. You can review Honda’s pristine and great instance to this a person for sale, and minus a couple imperfections, the Prelude on Cars & Bids is a mighty fine instance of Prelude perfection. Hondas of this vintage with comparably minimal miles have been likely for a lot of funds, so it will be interesting to see how higher this a person goes. 

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