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This Porsche Cayman Had Its Engine Swapped For A Mustang Coyote V8

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By no signifies was the Porsche Cayman 987 an anemic sports activities car. In fact, its far more effective variation, the Cayman R, churned out up to 326 horsepower (243 kilowatts) and 273 pound-feet (370 Newton-meters) of torque, coming from a three.4-liter flat-six motor.

Those mentioned quantities were more than enough to catapult the 2nd-technology Cayman from a entire standstill to one hundred kilometers for each hour (sixty two miles for each hour) in 5 seconds flat when geared up with a six-pace manual gearbox. The rear mid-engined Porsche also tapped out at 282 km/h (175 mph).

If you imagined people performance figures were more than enough, an individual from 4 many years back imagined in any other case. That person imagined he essential far more, and what greater motor to convert to than a five.-liter normally-aspirated Coyote V8 from a Ford Mustang.

Posted by Energy By The Hour Efficiency on Youtube in 2016 (embedded on prime) and unearthed by Highway & Keep track of, this Porsche Cayman obtained an motor transplant with a Mustang GT as its donor. It truly is a mad strategy and could quite very well be bundled in the checklist of most absurd motor swaps we’ve at any time found – probably 2nd only to the Cummins-driven Mazda RX-8. Okay. Calm down. Breathe.

The motor transplant, of class, intended that the V8 sticking out of the Cayman’s motor bay and air filter residing in the trunk. It still worked, even though, and the primary poster of the video clip recorded a dyno reading of 428 hp (319 kW) and 364 lb-ft (494 Nm) of twists at the rear wheels. Rather impressive.

There is certainly just just one difficulty, even though. Without any motor masking (assuming the owner failed to hassle resolving that situation), it need to have been chaos within while driving. Legend says that the owner of this make was deaf or became deaf right after a 7 days with the car.

We’re kidding, of class.

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