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This Fun Audi Commercial Was Taken Down And We Don’t Know Why

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We suspect there ought to be some other cause that is nearer to the truth, as the video clip is both equally lighthearted and clever in its way of depicting the brand as pleasurable-loving and technologically forward. It highlights Audi’s daily autos, its supercars, its electric powered autos, and the brand’s motorsport triumphs, as very well as its fairly humble beginnings. Nevertheless, you can find no question that Audi typically depicts by itself as a severe, technologies- and development-concentrated brand, so maybe the response actually is that basic: Audi administration felt that the advert was just way too jovial. What ever the cause, the actuality that the advert is continue to connected over – albeit by way of a 3rd occasion – demonstrates that once a little something is on the net, it really is there eternally. However, what a monumental waste of revenue.

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