January 29, 2023

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This 1967 Ford Falcon Club Wagon Prefers Riding Low To The Ground

Sure automotive subcultures have go-to vehicles of types. For instance, the keep track of working day crowd would consider a Mazda MX-5 or an E36 3 Collection. On the other hand, lowriders default to a classic GM B-System or G-Entire body, these types of as a Chevrolet Impala or a Buick Regal. Of training course, some choose to make a statement by commencing with some thing entirely various.

For Gary Villeggiante, he required to create a distinct variety of lowrider. In its place of heading for the standard platforms, he resolved to go for a 1967 Ford Econoline Falcon Club Wagon. Dubbed the VanSlam, Villeggiante bought the van in a derelict point out and transformed it into a exhibit-winning ride.

Villeggiante mentioned it all began when he spotted the van sitting on the road and questioned the operator if they wished to get rid of it. The operator reported they would enable it go for $1,000, kicking off this special develop. Inside of times of selecting up the Club Wagon, Villeggiante begun working on it and at first planned on retaining the exterior untouched. Nonetheless, his buddy, Tyler Pullen of TP Custom Chop Store, persuaded him to do if not.

The end result is a eco-friendly paint position with exceptional styles, shades, and pinstripes. There is far more eco-friendly within, far too, from the aspect panels to the seat upholstery. Villeggiante also cut a significant hole on the roof to allow a whole lot additional sunshine in the van. Then there is the air suspension that allows this van to sit as small to the floor as attainable.

Last but not minimum is the engine swap. This van no for a longer period uses the straight-six selections supplied in the ’60s. Alternatively, the Econoline now packs a 4.8-liter V8 straight from a Chevrolet Specific van. The owner reckons it places out about 300 horsepower.

The van has been a hit with the personalized car scene for the previous few of a long time. Some of the awards it collected about the many years involve the 2020 Grand National Roadster Present and the 2020 Sacramento Autorama. It is rather an achievement when all Villeggiante preferred to prove was that he could make a distinct lowrider out of a van.