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The Best Shapewear Type for Plus Size Women

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Shapewear is more than just one of the plus-size products. Women of every size and shape talk about the confidence that a good foundation garment provides them. Even women like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian who might look like they wouldn’t need such a garment state that they love this shapewear. Which brings us to the topic of which pieces are the best choices for plus-size ladies?

Your Shapewear Goal

Why do so many women love shapewear? Well, it mainly has to do with its impressive transformative properties. It provides the wearer with a chameleon-like characteristic to change their image so that it matches up to their mood. If you are a plus-size woman, you should be thinking about what type of image you would like to achieve. And here is our secret: ” It doesn’t always need to be the same” . For example, one day you might be going for hourglass curves, and the next, you might be more interested in subtle and smooth lines. Below are a few useful ideas to achieve some of our favoured silhouette looks.

1. Focus on Your Waist

Shapewear works well under separate items or dresses, and when it accentuates the area of your waist, it provides the ideal look for any plus-size woman. Take a look at the body-corset shaping briefs, from Elle Courbee for instance. These garments smooth the stomach, shape your waist and support your back. The high-waist panty girdle will also cinch your middle very comfortably using lightweight lycra, as opposed to restrictive boning. These pieces will shape your bottom and waist simultaneously. This helps to create a curve that is uninterrupted from your hips to your waist.

2. Boost Those Curves

If you would like to achieve a curvy look, look out for shapewear that provides support from the area of the bust, through the waist and over the buttocks and then down the leg. A cami with a bra, a full-shaping suit or one of the full corsets is the type of shapewear that provides this type of support. You should base your decision on your preferences when it comes to compression and materials. If you would like a subtle and soft look go for a shaping suit or cami, and use a corset for a more dramatic look.

3. Slim Down Your Lines

If you need a daily wear shapewear garment you are probably more interested in natural and subtle lines. This is a garment that will smooth your current shape and will sit comfortably under jeans or workwear. Look for the seamless shaping shorts or skirts, or a medium-compression shaping brief. This shapewear will support the shape from your waist down to your legs. These garments are an excellent foundation for most outfits, providing shape and comfort at the same time.

4. Stay Secure

In some cases, you might be more interested in feeling confident and secure about the way that you look. If you have bought the right size and a high-quality garment, your shapewear will fit securely regardless of the style. Yet if you are more interested in additional anchoring, go for a garment that hangs from the shoulders. This includes the bodysuits or shaping slip. The straps over your shoulders will stop the shapewear from rolling down, which will allow you to go out in confidence without having to worry that your shapewear is going to shift.

5. The Right Size

Regardless of what piece you have chosen, sizing is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to great-looking shapewear. It is important to buy a piece that fits you perfectly (true to your size). Aspirational sizing (buying a garment that is one size smaller than what you really are) will result in bumps and lumps.

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