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Tesla police car fleet considered in $12.3 million NYPD deal

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To start with Hertz, now the NYPD. A new report states that the New York Town Police Office is thinking of obtaining 250 Tesla Product 3 autos to incorporate to their fleet. The offer could be worth as a lot as $12.36 million.

It can be part of the city’s approach to change to an all-electrical fleet, according to a Bloomberg report. The offer isn’t really ultimate, but if it truly is inked, that’ll translate to a expense of $51,940 for each vehicle. Presumably at that cost, they’d be Product 3 Prolonged Selection sedans, which would let legislation enforcement officers to patrol for a longer time before requiring a recharge. Police cruisers invest a whole lot of time idling, so EVs could vastly minimize gas fees.

Over-all, that would however be a little fraction of the NYPD’s over-all fleet. As shown by the NYC Mayor’s Business of Functions, the law enforcement office owns 9,621 autos. And that in itself is only a part of the 31,127 motor vehicles that the city operates. That contains rubbish vans, avenue sweepers, fire engines, ambulances, and motor vehicles employed by the Parks Office, just to title a number of.

It wouldn’t be the very first time the NYPD has had electrified motor vehicles in its fleet, but it would be the very first all-electrical vehicle. It currently owns illustrations of the Chevy Volt, Ford Escape Hybrid and Toyota Prius.

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