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‘Social distancing machine’ shows sidewalks unsafe for coronavirus

Social distancing guidelines, which suggest people stay at least six feet away from all other people, have reached nearly all parts of North America, as the public grapples with attempting to stop the spread of coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness it causes. Although local and federal governments have issued stay-at-home orders, millions of people continue to step outside for fresh air, for exercise, and to walk pets. In many cities, where sidewalk infrastructure is often smaller and more crowded, strictly following these guidelines is simply not possible without walking on the street. A Toronto resident recently made a “social distancing

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Carmakers modify logos to promote social distancing measure | Car News

Like just about all people else, automakers are residing tough times thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. Several makers are taking techniques to assistance authorities, for case in point by retooling manufacturing facilities to deliver badly necessary tools for hospitals, wellbeing-treatment workers and clients.

Meantime some carmakers have appear up with an initial way to demonstrate their assistance for govt actions and boost social distancing as a way to sluggish the spread of the virus: the modification of their legendary logos.

Volkswagen has manufactured edition of its emblem that displays an empty room amongst the V and W letters. Audi, in

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