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2020 BMW 228i xDrive review | Car Reviews

Auto123 reviews the 2020 BMW 228i xDrive.

A person of the little pleasures of my work is to observe people’s reactions to the car I’m driving  in a specific 7 days. Sure, that’s a no-brainer and an moi-stroke when I am driving an exotic car or truck, in which case eyes are drawn to it like moths to a flame. But when I get driving the wheel of a new product that’s extra available to the ordinary man or woman, it is very insightful to see heads transform as I generate by or pull up at a gentle –

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Audi Q3 RS Q3 Reviews | Overview

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AUDI claims it invented the “Premium Compact High-General performance SUV” niche with its initially-at any time RS Q3, which introduced in Australia back again in early 2014. And there is no doubting the results of this performance flagship, observing about five hundred of them identified households here over the subsequent five decades. 


But the old RS Q3 was never fairly all it could be. Driving on a circa-2003 platform (the PQ35, a la Golfing Mk5/6) with

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2020 Buick Encore GX review | Car Reviews

The wonderful past of the a few-defend division is just that – past. The period when the sedan dominated the American brand’s lineup is coming to an end, with the Regal Sportback the only model still energetic, alongside with its GS version. Since the arrival of the Enclave in 2008 – and possibly even the Rendezvous in the early 2000s – the automaker has been rising its presence in the utility section, considerably like the relaxation of the automotive sector.

For 2020, Buick welcomes a new member, the Encore GX, which positions itself concerning the Encore and the Envision. At

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Mini Hatch Cooper SE Reviews | Overview

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WE At the moment are living in an age that represents a sizeable turning issue for the global automotive marketplace, one the place automobile suppliers are little by little generating the shift from the experimented with-and-accurate inner combustion engine into the thrilling new entire world of electric powertrains.


The most current model to be a part of the shift is Mini, which has waded into the EV industry with a

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Audi TT RS Reviews | Overview

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AUDI’S TT RS has built a comeback to the Australian marketplace, returning in facelifted kind soon after homologation issues overseas and other factors conspired to continue to keep the sportscar out of community showrooms for additional than a 12 months.


It rates again in with the familiar fireplace-breathing 294kW 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo-petrol engine. And even though that is no bad factor, there is a suspension upgrade amongst the gear overhaul that in over-all conditions adds a load of added value to the

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