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Armored Tesla Cybertruck Tank Is Ready For Combat

The Tesla Cybertruck’s wedge-shaped structure has been controversial, but the electric truck’s virtually indestructible exoskeleton is undeniably outstanding. All through a live demonstration, the stainless metal system did not dent when it was pummeled with a sledgehammer. The same couldn’t be explained for the “unbreakable” armored glass, however, which shattered right after a metal ball was thrown at the window.

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck’s exterior is manufactured out of Ultra-Challenging 30X Chilly-Rolled stainless-metal – the same content applied by SpaceX. In its variety-topping Tri-Motor configuration, the Tesla Cybertruck will have all around 800 horsepower and a thousand lb-ft of

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KTM X-Bow GTX revealed and ready for racing

A visible timeline of the KTM X-Bow would seem a lot like a scientific metamorphosis chart. Given that arriving a lot more than twelve yrs in the past, Austria-centered KTM has unveiled a variety of highway-heading and observe-distinct versions, each individual a lot more radical than the just one ahead of it. Bit by bit, the originally roofless X-Bow has extra a lot more and a lot more bodywork until finally it arrived as this, the new GTX race automobile. 

The GTX looks a lot more like a thoroughly-crafted race automobile than an X-Bow ever has. With a mid-engined format,

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