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Israeli company Cartica develops AI systems to mimic child’s brain

Some of the smartest engineers and academics around the environment have invested many years pioneering synthetic intelligence and seeking breakthrough improvements.

Possibly they should leave the work to toddlers.

That is the premise of Cartica AI, an Israeli firm using a childlike strategy to rethinking synthetic intelligence. Fairly than conventionally prepare device-learning systems with reams of information, the firm’s know-how trains systems by mimicking the way the human brain develops.

“If you are a newborn and you seem into this environment, you have no strategy what you see,” Karl Thomas Neumann, previous Opel CEO who is a board member and

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Israeli startup Adasky uses its automotive technology to fight COVID-19

He said Adasky has already had conversations with potential users who see benefits in ensuring high-profile CEOs and senior government officials are not in proximity to anyone who has a fever.

The camera is the same used for automotive purposes. What’s changed is the software. Normally, it detects heat at ranges needed for automotive applications, but the camera was tweaked to work at short ranges and focus on taking temperatures from a specific body part, typically the head. The cameras can work passively from afar — they don’t need to be held — and they can gather temperature information simultaneously

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