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Watch Ken Block Drift An Ford F-450 Dually

For the next 5 minutes or so, the dually does burnouts and drifts about the Escort and the entire monitor. If this seems quick, it can be not. Block describes that permitting off the gas pedal to shift the fat of the F-450 just about fully stops the truck as he waits for improve to establish all over again. Sooner or later, he figures out that 3rd equipment is the right ratio that keeps the wheel speed up.

Even though we now know how to get an 8,000-pound dually sideways, we would not recommend making an attempt this at home

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Ken Block rides shotgun to teach his daughter, 13, to do doughnuts

Now this is lovable. It is a movie in which Ken Block, the head Hoonigan and Gymkhana grasp himself, tackles the time-examined rite of fatherhood that is educating your little one how to operate a stick. Only in this scenario, it is to do doughnuts, which is normally some thing a teen does nicely away from their parents’ supervision nicely following they’ve mastered the art of functioning a clutch. Also, there’s no yelling or any person receiving impatient.

It is set at the Utah Motorsports Campus, which has partly re-opened for enterprise, with Block and his 13-yr-previous daughter, Lia, in

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Ford Mustang Fox Body is the next Ken Block project

Initial there was the ’60s Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, then the ’70s Ford F-150 Hoonitruck. Now Ken Block is tackling the nineteen eighties with his subsequent project, the Hoonifox. It is dependent on the Fox Human body Ford Mustang, and it really is just as outrageous as its predecessors, even if it only exists pretty much at the minute.

The car was uncovered in a YouTube online video with Block, Block’s colleague Brian Scotto, and designer Ash Thorp. The latter has worked on graphic design and style for a assortment of tasks including the online video recreation “Assassin’s Creed,” the movie

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