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Supercharged Ford 7.3-Liter Godzilla V8 Cracks 1,000 HP On Dyno

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Ford’s 7.three-liter V8 is by now really well-known among tuners, regardless of the motor currently being just a handful of yrs outdated. The individuals at Harrop in Australia are exploring the engine’s choices by building a supercharger for it. They are pushing the powerplant to four-determine horsepower figures.

At the starting of the online video, the V8 is making use of the throttle system from a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and is running on gasoline. With out the all-natural aspiration, the motor is by now placing down 550 horsepower (410 kilowatts) and will get an immediate bounce to 803 hp (599 kW) with the supercharger. As opposed to the inventory ranking of 430 hp (321 kW), these are by now remarkable gains, and you can find a great deal a lot more to arrive.

They then swap to E85 gasoline and start off turning up the raise. At eighteen psi, the V8 is by now generating 944 hp (704 kW) and 972 pound-feet (1,318 Newton-meters) of torque. It’s really worth trying to keep in head that this motor is still running the inventory camshaft.

Upcoming, the staff replaces the throttle system with a 102-millimeter piece, instead than the 87-millimeter unit from the GT350. The raise also increases to 19 psi. The final result is 980 hp (731 kW) and 980 lb-ft (1,329 Nm).

The closing run can take the raise to twenty psi. This pushes the V8 to 1,015 hp (757 kW) and 988 lb-ft (1,339 Nm). Assuming the motor and supercharger can consider it, a handful of a lot more kilos could possibly be over to press the torque into a four-determine selection.

If you are pondering what the plan is for this 1,000+ hp significant-block V8, the staff is planning to put in it into a Ford Falcon drag racer. The estimate is that the car or truck could address the length in about eight.9 seconds at one hundred fifty miles for every hour. That would be really a beast at the strip.

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