February 4, 2023

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SARD GT1 Body Kit For Toyota GR 86 Gives The Coupe Smoother Styling

The Japanese firm SARD specializes in Toyota tuning, and it is really now showing off the pieces that are in planning for the new GR 86. The GT1 body package smooths out the new coupe’s exterior styling. Pricing and availability aren’t offered for the components but.

From the front (comparison beneath), the SARD kit’s front fascia has a smaller opening in the centre, and presents it a trapezoidal form, rather than the rectangular inlet on the stock model. The tuner provides triangular openings to the corners as an alternative of the vertical style and design from the manufacturing facility.

Toyota GR 86 SARD GT1 Body Kit Front Angle

Toyota GR 86 SARD GT1 Body Package

2022 Toyota GR 86  Exterior Front Quarter

2022 Toyota GR 86

Together the aspect, the SARD package provides a contrasting portion to the front fender for the firm’s branding. The reduced sills are far more notable, and the tuner provides a diagonal crease primary to the rear fender that presents this model a far more angular overall look than stock.

Toyota GR 86 SARD GT1 Body Kit Rear Corner

Toyota GR 86 SARD GT1 Body Package

2022 Toyota GR 86  Exterior Rear Quarter

2022 Toyota GR 86

At the other stop, SARD replaces the stock ducktail spoiler with a compact wing that has a carbon fiber end. The tuner replaces the taillights with pieces that have circular lamps in them.

SARD is acquiring an exhaust procedure for the new GR 86. There are circular stores like on the stock vehicle, but they have a more substantial diameter and stick out farther from the bumper.

Inside, there aren’t several variations. SARD re-upholsters the seats in two-tone pink and black with a mix of leather and Alcantara. The seatbelt pads have the tuner’s branding on them.

SARD can make no point out of any updates beneath the hood. Other tuners are by now getting ready to cope with that area, nevertheless. For illustration, HKS is getting ready a supercharger package for the new two.four-liter flat-four engine. The firm is not disclosing the improved electrical power output but.