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Roofless 1993 VW Polo GT Is Not For Sale, But You’d Wish It Still Is

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You may have listened to of the title Walter Treser and his contributions to Audi, together with the brand’s renowned Quattro brand name. But for the duration of the early ’90s, the former head of Sophisticated Exclusive Cars for Audi has produced the Treser VW Polo GT with a detachable roof.

With only a complete of 290 models developed between 1991 and 1993 – 10 of which came right from Treser’s workshop in Germany – this customized Polo GT is a exceptional discover. Just one of which was up for bidding at Common Car Auctions.

If you’re perplexed whether or not this Polo is a convertible or has a targa top, it’s equally. Based mostly on a typical VW Polo, this compact 2+2 automobile is a adorable way to have some open-top, wind-on-your-hair entertaining.

With that reported, you can either only eliminate the roof panel, leaving the B-pillar and rear windscreen, or you can eliminate the whole detail. The system areas are foldable and can be saved in the luggage compartment, which has been customized to accommodate the eliminated areas.

Much more importantly, the automobile you see in this article, inspite of becoming virtually 30 yrs previous, is continue to in mint ailment, in accordance to the Common Cars Auction listing. It experienced 17,103 kilometers (10,627 miles) on the clock when it was posted for auction, paying its whole existence in Treser’s spouse and children before going on to its new owner.

If you’re fascinated in this exceptional customized Polo, you’d be disappointed to know that it has currently been bought virtually a 12 months back for only 7,000 euros or all over $8,300. We’d wager it will be tough to discover an example out there which is as pristine and very well taken treatment of like this a single.

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