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Pontiac Banshee concept for sale for $750,000 USD | Car News

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A Kia dealership in Connecticut is putting up for sale a super-exceptional Pontiac Banshee prototype made by John DeLorean.

In the early nineteen sixties, Pontiac wished to provide its very own pure sports activities car. The GM division came up with a concept, primarily based around a fiberglass overall body and made by none other than John DeLorean. The prototype was termed the Pontiac Banshee.

Regrettably, the product hardly ever designed it to production. Amazingly, however, the to start with Banshee concept that appeared back in in 1964 is for sale… at a Kia dealership. We say the to start with concept, mainly because there have been 3 others in the a long time and decades considering that – in 1968, 1974 and 1988.

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Pontiac Banshee concept, from above

Pontiac Banshee concept, from above

As for the 1964 version, two versions ended up created at the time a silver coupe with 6-cylinder in-line motor and a white convertible with a V8 motor. It really is the to start with of these, the coupe, that is now for sale. In this edition, a 4-velocity manual transmission links the motor to the rear wheels.

So what killed the Banshee before it even got began? In brief, its abilities. At the time, in the eyes of GM executives, the Banshee was if just about anything way too speedy. With its light-weight development and effective powertrain selections, it was likely to be the equivalent of the Corvette. And at GM, where by the brand’s hierarchy is important, absolutely nothing could match the Corvette. As a outcome, the Banshee experienced to be sacrificed.

Pontiac Banshee concept, three-quarters rear

Pontiac Banshee concept, 3-quarters rear

The product, though it was hardly ever generated, is legendary amongst enthusiasts. It is also a symbol of an era, a time of rigorous interior struggles at General Motors. And it could possibly have disappeared for very good, if not for a GM personnel of the time who questioned to order the product and so it survived.

The past proprietor of this Pontiac Banshee died in 2006, and considering that then it is been owned by a Kia dealership in Connecticut, Napoli Kia. As for its marketing cost, it has been set at $750,000 USD. The car exhibits only 1,498 miles on its odometer.

Is it really worth it? The product is absolutely unique, so it is really worth what a collector is ready to pay out. The Banshee fits the definition of an expense, to be absolutely sure. Just one day it will be resold for over a million bucks.

Pontiac Banshee concept, three-quarters front

Pontiac Banshee concept, 3-quarters entrance

Pontiac Banshee concept, front

Pontiac Banshee concept, entrance

Pontiac Banshee concept, hood

Pontiac Banshee concept, hood

Pontiac Banshee concept, rear

Pontiac Banshee concept, rear

Pontiac Banshee concept, interior

Pontiac Banshee concept, inside

Pontiac Banshee concept, dials

Pontiac Banshee concept, dials

Pontiac Banshee concept, engine

Pontiac Banshee concept, motor

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