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Pagani Imola Is A $5.5 Million Obsessively Engineered Hypercar

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In a push launch, Pagani referred to the Imola as a “automobile-laboratory” – a rolling...

In a push launch, Pagani referred to the Imola as a “automobile-laboratory” – a rolling experiment that allowed the carmaker to experiment with a number of slicing-edge principles. This features a new components for the carbo-titanium monocoque, an experimental painting method that manages to take 11 pounds of paint excess weight out of the auto, and the incorporation of some 770 CNC-machined areas.

But it really is the effort and hard work poured into the aerodynamics that definitely defines the Pagani Imola. It functions an energetic-aero program related to what is on the Pagani Huayra, with four “cell winglets” that respond appropriately and immediately to offer downforce wherever it really is required, alongside with new fins and deflectors to increase balance and cornering grip.

In a natural way, all this experimentation expected loads and loads of screening, which is why the Pagani Imola was subjected to some sixteen,000 km – virtually 10,000 miles – of driving at racing pace. That’s equal to about a few rounds of the 24 Hrs of Le Mans, Pagani suggests.

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