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Nissan closes Sunderland plant due to coronavirus

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Nissan has confirmed that generation at its facility in Sunderland has been suspended owing to the recent coronavirus outbreak and ensuing drop in client demand from customers.

The facility is the UK’s largest car factory, utilizing around seven,000 people today. All employees have sent house with no date set in place for when the factory may possibly reopen. The announcement follows identical moves from Ford, VW and the PSA Team. 

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In an official statement the enterprise said: “Auto generation has been suspended nowadays in Nissan Sunderland. Even more steps are currently below research as we assess supply chain disruption and the sudden drop in industry demand from customers caused by the COVID-19 emergency.”

The Japanese car agency also cited disruption to its supply chain as a further rationale for the momentary shut down. It is believed there are a more 24,000 careers in the supply chain joined to the factory, which will also be influenced by the closure. 

Due to the fact the plant opened in 1986, around 7 million cars have been made at Sunderland, with 2012 marking a record yr of generation as 510,572 cars ended up built. Ahead of the suspension, the factory was gearing up to get ready for generation of the future-era Qashqai, which is owing to start future yr.

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