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New Mercedes-AMG eTurbo technology revealed

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Mercedes-AMG has verified that its upcoming-technology engines will element new, electrically-assisted turbocharger engineering. As perfectly as the turbos becoming larger than people at the moment made use of by the corporation, the new models will also element a turbine-mounted electric motor for enhanced response.

The engineering is lifted instantly from Mercedes-AMG’s Components One group and has been co-developed with the turbocharger producer, Garrett. The package is composed of a large compressor, a handle device and an electric motor, measuring approximately four centimetres in diameter, which is hooked up to the neat side of the turbocharger.

When the handle device senses an raise in engine load, it spins the compressor wheel at speeds of up to one hundred seventy,000rpm, assisting the exhaust gasses to get the turbine moving and create improve. The motor will be powered by the car’s on-board forty eight-volt process, as fitted to Mercedes-AMG’s mild-hybrid designs.

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Mercedes-AMG suggests the electrical process can keep the turbine spinning even when the driver’s foot is off the throttle, preserving air circulation by way of the turbocharger in the course of braking and mitigating lag when the ability is reapplied.

The electrically assisted turbocharger is pictured mounted on what appears to be an enhanced variation of Mercedes-AMG’s M139 2.-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, suggesting that the corporation is at the moment establishing an even much more effective variation of that engine. 

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