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Mercedes-Benz will bring EQC to North America | Car News

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When Mercedes-Benz unveiled its EQC SUV, the format of the all-electric version of the GLC dictated that logically, the model should be offered in North America. And that was the plan, by the way. It was supposed to happen in 2020, when the German automaker launched its EQ sub-brand. Then, to the surprise of many, the company announced that the model would not cross the Atlantic.

Well, course corrected. Mercedes is backtracking on its decision and now says it wants to introduce the model in the United States around 2015. The news, reported by Automotive News, doesn’t mention Canada, but we can assume that it concerns us too.

An electric version of the C-Class will also be on offer by that time.

Both new models will take advantage of Mercedes’ Modular Architecture platform. According to Mercedes, this architecture should allow for greater range, faster recharging capacity and a more-efficient powertrain. The battery pack’s design, in the shape of a tray ad hidden under the vehicle, allows for more passenger space and also maximizes cargo volume.

The current EQC, which has just made its European debut, is based on the familiar GLC. Powered by an 80-kWh battery, it offers a maximum range of 414 km on a full charge, according to the European WLTP cycle.

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2022 Mercedes-Benz EQC, charging

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQC, charging

Mercedes-Benz U.S. CEO Dimitris Psillakis had said that the current EQC was not the right model to launch the EQ sub-brand in the U.S.

“Clearly, we were not ready to launch the EQ brand (during the pandemic). We made the decision to delay the launch of the brand to prepare ourselves and the network with the right product.”

Makes sense, but in the meantime dealers have been clamouring for an electric version of the GLC for their market. We know how popular SUVs of this format are here.

In fact, sales of the model had peaked in 2019 in both Canada and the United States. The pandemic has slowed down the enthusiasm of buyers and many are doubtless waiting for the next-generation SUV.

At least they can now hope to buy the electric version in four or five years.

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