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Land Rover Defender India review, test drive

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Recollections of driving the new Defender in the wide, desolate expanses of Namibia are continue to vivid. It was my last international travel – before COVID-19 turned the planet upside down – and arguably my finest in in excess of thirty a long time of driving all in excess of the planet.

Testing the vastly able new Defender to the max in some of the most gruelling but hauntingly gorgeous and secluded terrains in the planet was a the moment-in-a-life span journey.

It experienced a feeling of liberty that I cherished even additional sitting down at house through the dark days of the lockdown, wondering when we could go back to driving in some remote pocket of the planet.

8 months on, I’m the moment again reacquainted with the Defender, not in some unique or much-flung locale like before, but correct below in the heart of Mumbai. Now Mumbai is house to me, but is it house to the Defender? People 3 days in Namibia have confident me that there is no superior off-roader in the planet. But how very good is it on road? To be genuine, I don’t really know since only forty of the seven-hundred kilometres we drove in Namibia were being on tarmac the relaxation was on surfaces that would make everyday 4x4s wince.

Mumbai is diametrically the reverse of Namibia. It’s as densely populated as Namibia is uninhabited, and the streets are as clogged as Namibia’s are devoid of any targeted traffic. There are no rivers, deep ravines, no limitless deserts, nor the dreaded Van Zyl’s Go to wrestle with, but the atmosphere in and about Mumbai has its personal troubles and can be similarly challenging. How well can the five-metre-very long Defender cope with the damaged tarmac and enormous potholes of a submit-monsoon road community? How well can it thread by means of the gullies that criss-cross the underbelly of the metropolis and, similarly, how well can it play the job of a luxurious SUV? Will the designed-for-the-wild Defender experience like Crocodile Dundee when he turned up in New York? Or can it seamlessly slip into Mumbai’s city chaos? These are inquiries the Defender, which has eventually been released in India, now has to answer.

Large Rise

To say the Defender stands out on in the scrum of cars is an understatement. It’s not just tall, it is the Mount Everest of SUVs. It towers in excess of other vehicles, additional so when it is standing on its toes with the air suspension entirely raised. The Defender’s upright stance and straight traces make no pretensions about it being anything at all other than a hardcore SUV. In truth, Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s celebrated designer, has outdone himself the moment again and has cleverly built the Defender’s boxiness an integral section of its charm. Subtle curves in the physique panels with clean and uncluttered surfaces make the vital variance between a square and old-fashioned condition and one thing that is neat and comprehensively contemporary. And the Defender, with outstanding detailing all round (I just adore the ‘circular’ tail-light treatment), appears utterly with it.

Upright stance and tail-mounted spare wheel convey to you this a hardcore SUV.

The extremely-limited overhangs for superior off-road potential have an aesthetic affect as well. With the twenty-inch alloy wheels shod with the tall 255/60 R20 Superior 12 months Wrangler all-terrain tyres pushed out to the edges, the Defender appears very planted and not at all prime-weighty. Real to its whole-blooded 4×4 remit, the Defender has a whole-dimension spare mounted on the tailgate following all, in the wild you just can’t depend on house-savers or operate-flats to get you house following a puncture.

The initial time you realise how superior the Defender sits off the floor is when you have to haul your self into the cabin. It’s pretty a climb even in Access Manner, which drops the air suspension (normal on the five-door Defender one hundred ten) to its most affordable position. Now, for individuals wanting for a big, luxurious SUV simply to be seen, the action up into the Defender could be a deal breaker since obtaining in and out of these types of a superior car when you’re togged up, going to a glitzy function can be embarrassingly inelegant.

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Cabin an exquisite combine of ruggedness and luxurious.

But the moment you have clambered into the driver’s seat, you’re handled to a wonderful balcony look at. All-round visibility is excellent, many thanks to a generous glass area, a very low window line and upright A-pillars that don’t block your vision. In truth, sitting down so superior up, you can see the extremities of the car very easily and that usually takes the stress out of wiggling the Defender by means of targeted traffic.

The cabin alone is a excellent area to be in and has a distinctive mix of ruggedness and luxurious. The rubberised surfaces all round, the uncovered screw heads on the door panels, and the significant air vents smack of the car’s underlying toughness, whilst the double-stitched leather trim and bits like the aluminium and wood garnishes ooze luxurious.

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Deep shelf managing across the dash highlights the cabin’s practicality quotient.

The huge shelf that runs the width of the dashboard will hold all your paraphernalia and sets the tone for the Defender’s immense practicality. There are additional storage areas than you need to have, the glovebox is voluminous and the central storage box is like a mini godown.

Luggage house is huge as well. Certain, with all 3 rows of seats in area, you get just a hundred and sixty litres, but that expands to 743 litres with the last row folded in and one,826 litres with the next row also folded. In truth, if there’s anything at all impractical about the Defender’s cabin it is the ridiculously tight 3rd row, which I took a single look at and didn’t even bother obtaining into. In truth, even youngsters will struggle to clamber into the back and, hence, the last detail you should be considering is the Defender as a 7-seater.

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3rd row seats only for tiny youngsters.

Entrepreneurs who like being chauffeur-driven will be satisfied to know that the center row is supremely snug. Legroom, headroom, shoulder home is in abundance. Even underneath-thigh assistance is great, and the superior-established seat presents you a excellent look at out. The only detail I could find fault with is the cushioning in the lumbar area, which is a contact as well too much and protrudes into your decrease back.

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Entrepreneurs who like to be chauffeur-driven will respect the roomy center row and cozy seats.

Defender proprietors will want heaps of toys to play with and will just adore all the gizmos that can be accessed from the new Pivi Pro infotainment system. You get the normal stuff, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a wireless charging pad, linked-car tech and a head-up display screen. You get all types of stats and details to thrill the geek in you, particularly when you’re off-roading, and the Terrain Reaction 2 system, which has as several as 6 distinct modes for each individual conceivable off-road surface area, can be accessed from the Pivi Pro interface as well.

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4×4 Info display presents useful details for off-roading.

The all-electronic devices are highly configurable, with several modes and look at choices, but the steering-mounted scroll button to toggle by means of the different capabilities felt a little bit buggy and was not very responsive. A even larger glitch were being the 360-diploma cameras, which didn’t do the job correctly, with no feed from the ahead and rearward cameras. That doesn’t bode well for a car that is predicted to supply unimpeachable reliability, but when they do do the job, the Defender’s cameras could rival a video clip manufacturing dwelling. The ClearSight camera array has several lenses tucked absent all
in excess of the car to give you a photograph of what you just can’t see whilst driving. You can even virtually see what is underneath the car, which is exceptionally useful for off-roading classes. The ClearSight rear-look at mirror is also clever and a additional useful application of the Defender’s camera tech. It allows you see what is directly at the rear of by means of a lens in the tailgate, which is very easy when luggage stuffed to the roof blocks the regular mirror look at.

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Virtual 10-inch instrument cluster is configurable and shows several capabilities.

All this engineering may possibly feel like overkill for an SUV that draws its heritage from the mechanically basic and strong Series one Land Rover. As well several gizmos implies additional factors could go incorrect, which may possibly stress Defender purists, but not a new generation of potential buyers who truly adore all the gizmos. And when you get down to truly driving this behemoth, you commence emotion the tech at do the job.

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ClearSight virtual rear-look at mirror a neat function.

Motive pressure

The Vashi toll plaza is a no cost-for-all, a scuffle to dart into a single of the slender toll booth lanes. It’s the regulation of the jungle that functions below and in this melee exactly where only the strongest receives correct of way, the Defender’s dimension (and top) arrives in useful. A Duster in entrance of me thought two times before slicing across my bows and an Innova driver hoping to inch into my lane ceded floor when he noticed me evident down at him. You really do experience like the king of the road from the Defender’s lofty throne.

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Towering top and great all-round visibility a advantage in metropolis targeted traffic.


Palm Seashore road is when I get a likelihood to see how well the 300hp 2.-litre turbo-petrol propels the 2.3-tonne Defender. In Namibia, I drove the additional highly effective 400hp P400 variant and the base D240 diesel, but in India, the Defender only arrives with the base P300 petrol, with the D240 diesel coming a calendar year later on. A mental calculation of the ability-to-excess weight ratio built me a contact sceptical, but these preconceived notions were being immediately dispelled with the initial jab of the throttle pedal. Okay, the P300 Defender doesn’t rocket off the line, but it is no slouch possibly and feels remarkably light on its toes for one thing so weighty. Sure, there is a little bit of turbo lag and very low-stop reaction isn’t sharp, but there’s a good linearity to the ability shipping that will make for a clean travel. And clean it is shockingly so. For a car that has the aerodynamics of a tiny dwelling and is shod with all-terrain tyres, wind and road sounds are amazingly well suppressed, which speaks volumes of the cabin’s vault-like insulation.


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300hp, 2.-litre P300 turbo-petrol is adequate.

A -100kph time of eight.96sec and forty-100kph in 6.61sec is swift sufficient for most freeway responsibilities, but overtaking quick-going vehicles on the Mumbai-Pune expressway did just take some work, and when extended, the P300 motor runs out of puff at the prime stop. If you want additional grunt, you’ll have to wait for the 300hp, 6-cylinder D300 diesel that joins the Defender array next calendar year. As a comfortable freeway cruiser though, the P300 acquits alone instead well, aided by the eight-speed ZF vehicle ’box, which makes certain you’re always in the correct gear at the correct time.

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The Defender’s on-road dynamics are a revelation.

It’s the on-road trip and managing that blew me absent. A car this big, this tall, this weighty, and with tyres not made purely for tarmac has no organization riding so well and emotion agile, but it just does.

The initial detail that took me by shock is the accuracy of the steering. This isn’t a single of individuals very low-geared racks with heaps of slack you find in hardcore off-roaders, but a single that is well-weighted, delightfully direct, and imparts a lot of self-confidence at speed. The Defender tracks lifeless straight, it doesn’t fidget about and the tall physique is impressively resilient to crosswinds. Sure, the prime-weighty Defender does roll a reasonable little bit when hustled on a curvy road, but physique handle is so very good that it corners faithfully without obtaining unsettled.

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Air suspension can be raised for 290mm clearance.

The air suspension, normal across all one hundred ten variants, is mainly responsible for the Defender’s remarkably very good dynamics. The enormous suspension travel and compliant trip just devour craters and there’s no other SUV that feels as snug on the worst of streets. This was not additional evident than on the Khopoli-Pali freeway, which for some a long time now has been ripped aside by never ever-ending four-laning do the job. To make way for oncoming targeted traffic on the underneath-development stretches, I could calmly drop the wheels from damaged tarmac into huge ditches on the earthen shoulders without even slowing down.

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What is a revelation is that the Defender doesn’t experience like a difficult-as-nails off-roader on normal streets. There is no physique-on-body lumpiness, no fuzziness in the steering, no judder in the suspension in excess of ruts, and the wheels don’t thwack you each individual time you hit a pothole.

The magic formula sauce is Land Rover’s D7X aluminium monococque, which is amazingly rigid and strong sufficient to stand up to a superior sum of off-road abuse, but at the exact time offers the on-road poise only a unibody development can give. The Defender will make the road manners of other top quality but physique-on-body SUVs, like the Wrangler and G-class, experience uncouth and unruly in comparison, and for several, this could be the defining cause for potential buyers to veer to the Land Rover. But what genuinely defines a Defender is its off-road potential, and it would’ve been just simple incorrect not to have taken the Defender to its all-natural habitat.

Rough and tumble

We travel into the gates of learnoffroad.com’s complicated off-road grounds, for the youthful Landy to increase its wheels and have some fun. Time to change to very low-array, elevate the suspension to its max trip top of 290mm and pick out Rock Manner on the Terrain Reaction system, which electronically locks the centre and rear diffs. All this with just the contact of a couple buttons. Wonderful! Even additional astounding is how the Defender’s electronically controlled 4×4 hardware will make the average driver feel like a professional, even on intense tracks. All you have to do is gently steer and give light throttle inputs. The axle articulation monitor, which receives the wheels good and superior of the floor, appears magnificent from the exterior. From the driver’s seat, with the electronics optimally channelling ability to the tractive wheels, the rocking movement as you crawl ahead will make you experience like a little one on a see-noticed. But off-roading is not all child’s play.

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Off-road functionality of the new Defender is just staggering.

I’ve shed monitor of how typically I’ve driven 4×4 machinery on off-road tracks, but I continue to have my heart-in-mouth moments, induced by a anxiety of detrimental an expensive car. Which is why I panicked when I slithered down a tremendous steep drop, terrified of landing the Defender on its bluff nose. But the 38-diploma angle of tactic arrived into play and built what appeared like rappelling down a cliffside look hilariously simple. The side incline monitor as well, which registered a 28-diploma angle on the 4×4 info display, gave me enormous jitters. It felt like I was going to keel in excess of any minute, but I saved reassuring myself with Land Rover’s claim that the Defender is able of tackling a 38-diploma angle. You have to just take a leap of faith and believe that it will do what it says on the tin.

The real truth is the Defender does additional than that and goes further than its short. It’s similarly at house undertaking 150kph on the freeway as it is undertaking 15kph in bumper-to-bumper metropolis targeted traffic, or slinking down a muddy cliff at 5kph. And the 900mm h2o-wading depth could occur useful in Mumbai floods.

The Defender’s unbeatable off-road prowess was a offered Land Rover would not have it any other way. But it is the sheer versatility, the day-to-day usability, which you can get pleasure from in supreme ease and comfort and model, that truly won our hearts.

Land Rover Defender
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