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Kalmar Shows Off Restomod and Rally-Ready Porsche 911s, Plus A Cayenne

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You will find really a cottage marketplace in making restomod Porsches, with Singer currently being among the the best names in that match. Kalmar Automotive is a Danish company that is entering this marketplace, and it is exhibiting 3 products to start with. In a shocking twist, 1 of them is just not 911 but somewhat a Cayenne.

The Kalmar 7-97 is a generation for nine-time 24 Several hours of Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen, but the company is also providing them to fascinated clients. The model’s title arrives from Kristensen’s initially victory in the popular race in 1997 powering the wheel of a Joest Porsche WSC-ninety five donning the quantity 7.

The 7-97 takes advantage of the underpinnings from a 964 and 993 iteration of the 911, but wears a overall body additional akin to variants from the nineteen sixties and early ’70s. For a additional present day touch, the chrome engine address is really an energetic spoiler. Within, buyers can get the job done with Kalmar to specify their excellent interior, ranging from racing bucket seats to leather-upholstered primary chairs and even many tartan cloth designs.

Consumers also have engine options ranging from three.8- to 4.three-liter flat-6 mills. Relying on the specification, the 7-97 can have over 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) on tap. The company also provides a 6-speed sequential gearbox for buyers who will not want a manual.

The Kalmar RS can take obvious inspiration from 911 rally automobiles. Even though it appears to be like the 964 design on the outside the house, the company can make guaranteed the athletics automobile can just take the punishment of off-street use by including plenty of underbody defense. You will find also an out there spare wheel carrier for the roof.

Within, the standard attributes contain standard air conditioning and rear roll bar. Consumers can specify Recaro functionality seats and all of the safety products important to go rallying.

Power arrives from a three.six-liter flat-6 and either a five- or 6-speed gearbox. The overhauled suspension is adjustable to supply up 7.87 inches (twenty centimeters) of floor clearance.

Kalmar Automotive Modified Porsches Cayenne

Even though restomodding the 911 is a relatively widespread apply, Kalmar is also presenting an upgraded Cayenne. The company leaves the overall body generally stock, other than for a large roof rack that is able of carrying all sorts of equipment. The suspension sits three.ninety three inches (10 centimeters) increased than stock, and the company suits a wheel-and-tire deal that is additional acceptable for off-street get the job done.

Consumers have a whole array of customization options, dependent on what they intend to do with this auto. Kalmar provides matters like a whole roll cage, long-variety gasoline tanks, and other products for extremely-rugged, off-street use.

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