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Junkyard Gem: 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham Coupe

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The Basic place the Oldsmobile Division’s head on the chopping block in 2004, which tends to make it tricky to think that the Olds Cutlass used most of the middle-to-late nineteen seventies at or close to the leading of the greatest-promoting motor vehicle charts in North The us. In 1975 and 1976, the sharp-on the lookout Cutlass stood proudly at #1 on the American sales charts, dropping to #two in 1977 but with GM continue to going much better than a fifty percent-million Cuttys out of the showrooms that calendar year. Today’s Junkyard Gem is one of those people ’77s, a sporty Supreme Brougham Coupe that received wrecked in Colorado at age forty four.

The Cutlass lived on the growing older 1964 A-body system, building it a sibling to the Chevrolet Malibu, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Buick Century (amongst others) in 1977, and the immediate descendant of these kinds of muscle mass-motor vehicle classics as the Pontiac GTO, Buick GS, and all those people insane major-block Chevy Chevelles. Gasoline rates had stabilized a bit, a number of many years just after the 1973 oil crisis, so People felt a lot more assured buying common midsize autos as a substitute of little Vegas, Pintos, and Colts. Of course, fuel lines would return quickly sufficient, but by then the Cutlass and its shut kin had been downsized.

I think the Cutlass was the greatest-on the lookout of all the GM A-Body autos of 1975-1977 in fact, it was one of the greatest-on the lookout autos Detroit offered during the period of time, and lots of motor vehicle purchasers agreed with that evaluation back again then. It was a comfy, roomy rear-wheel-drive equipment whole of tried using-and-accurate engineering, and so its results was no shock.

So why is this one in a Denver-area motor vehicle graveyard? This is why.

It received hit incredibly tricky in the still left rear corner, bending the body over and above the position of getting worth repairing. By the time I received to it, the engine and transmission have been gone, but most of the Cutlass Supremes received the optional Olds 350-cubic-inch (five.7-liter) V8 rather than the base 3.eight-liter Buick V6 or the one-smaller-move-up Olds 260 V8.

Oldsmobile called these opulent seats the “loose cushion” fashion, and this motor vehicle has a good blue/gold interior colour blend.

The Brougham offer received you… well, just more course.

The Cutlass received smaller in the 1978 product calendar year, but continue to held its 2nd-position place in the charts with a lot more than a fifty percent-million autos sold. The Cutlass Supreme survived all the way by 1997, with the typical Cutlass long lasting another two many years, but it would under no circumstances get back the sales dominance it owned during the nineteen seventies.

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