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Industry perspectives on 2020 – NIO | Automotive Industry Interview

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Hui Zhang, VP of NIO Europe

In these amazing occasions, we have achieved out to pieces of the world-wide automobile marketplace for views on present issues and a take on prospective clients for 2021. In unique, we needed to get a vary of views and viewpoints. In this most up-to-date in the series we are publishing this month, we hear from Hui Zhang, VP of NIO Europe.

j-a: 2020 was a very unforgettable yr for everybody and for all kinds of explanations. In your enterprise, what stand out as the major issues you faced this yr?

HZ: For NIO, the disaster triggered the very same issues everybody experienced to experience, but our way of dealing with it was diverse. Of system, a person of the major issues was to continue to keep marketing automobiles and fulfilling our users’ needs. So, we straight away centered on two areas that form our enterprise product: the cell online and our on line-to-offline income channels. That aided us significantly to technique our people really speedily after the outbreak of Covid-19 and to convey them back again to our place of income: the NIO Residences and NIO Areas.

So, we were in a position to attain a substantial model awareness and income force. And in normal, a person can say that the agility of our functions was vital for our good results. And this is mirrored in our income data we established month after month beginning in April 2020.

In normal, I want to say, that this disaster has been a person of the most demanding kinds throughout the world in the final a hundred several years. So, for everybody who pushed by and will manage to get over this disaster, all that is a very good preparing for the long term.

j-a: What did you learn that you did not assume to learn?

HZ: When dealing with the pandemic and its significant affect, numerous issues appeared which I experienced to experience. For instance, it was a new encounter for me to discover out how to steer the group in Europe by the rough interval. That goes hand in hand with the reality that the two groups in Munich and in Oxford began operating from dwelling which hasn’t been really typical for us at NIO. On the other hand, as a world-wide enterprise, we have a world-wide frame of mind, so we satisfied the problem to sustain the typical higher level of efficiency. And we even managed to raise the efficiency to the subsequent level. All together we also managed to continue to keep the group spirit higher during the rough occasions. So, I am really very pleased of the groups and want to thank everybody for their perseverance, guidance and their first-course function.

 j-a: And as we occur to the close of the yr and seeking back again on it, can you summarise how you sense?

HZ: In fact, I am complete of hope. When seeking at the automotive marketplace, a person can see that the electrification of the marketplace bought even stronger during the pandemic than it has been just before. As an EV maker, we are really content to see that advancement. The new situations also forced us to rethink and additional produce our income and company designs. At NIO, we strongly centered on our presently outlined on line-to-offline income method which aided us to get back again on keep track of really swift. Our ES6, for instance, is the very best-marketing EV in China for 13 consecutive months between all similar designs. So, we managed to change the disaster into a really successful yr.  For me that is proof that our groups at NIO are effectively outfitted to get over these issues and are inclined to do every thing that Is needed to get by the rough occasions.

And a different essential facet that will make me appear to the long term with good hope and fills me with new energy is our future entry into overseas markets and the new alternatives that occur together with it for NIO.

j-a: Specially on prospective clients for 2021. It’s naturally an unconventional time in the context of the uncertainties ahead for all of us, but can you say some thing about how you are approaching the new yr?

HZ: The new yr will begin with our NIO Working day, an annual unique function that is focused to our people. So, continuously continue to keep enhancing our user satisfaction is generally our key intention, and with NIO Working day on January 9th we will exactly do that and begin into 2021 together with our people.

Of system, we will continue to keep investing in diverse enterprise places at NIO. 1st, we will additional broaden our community in China pertaining to income, company and electrical power resolution. 2nd, we will continue to keep investing in our core systems in the subject of autonomous driving. And 3rd, we are operating on our subsequent system to create the subsequent generation of NIO automobiles.

2021 will also be a really essential yr for our world-wide enterprise mainly because – as we presently have disclosed – we will occur to European markets. So, we will keep on our focused function to strengthen our model awareness in the European international locations.

j-a: Do you have a concept for the audience?

HZ: When our founder William Li began NIO 6 several years back, he experienced the eyesight of shaping a joyful way of life for the folks and managed to create up a world-wide enterprise that focuses exactly on putting that eyesight into motion. So, my concept is: don’t forget the motive why you began your journey, why you are passionate about it, and then continue to keep concentrating on that. If you do so, no issue how significant the storm is, you will see your rainbow at the close.

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