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Hyundai Palisade Reviews | Overview

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IF two heads are better than one particular, then definitely two complementary big SUVs are similarly as beneficial – unquestionably between a crowded competitor set. That is what Hyundai Australia is hoping.


Signing up for a intensely facelifted Santa Fe in local showrooms is the Palisade a big SUV included extensively for price and products by GoAutoon December 11.


Developed in the identical Korean plant as Santa Fe but giving up to 8 seats, the proper-hand-travel Palisade has been two a long time in the earning, adhering to its unveiling at the LA Exhibit in November 2018.


Again then it was left-hook only but Hyundai Motor Corporation Australia (HMCA) managed to influence its father or mother that a big SUV as simple as this is accurately what Aussie family members have to have, especially when beginning at a rather attainable $60,000.


There is sound logic to bringing it below as well. Although Palisade is a shut mechanical relative of Santa Fe, its significant size boost – 210mm longer, 85mm broader, 170mm taller, riding on a 135mm-longer wheelbase – means this handsome, GMC Yukon-inspired SUV ought to carve out a area of interest all its personal.

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