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Henry Ford’s Great-Great-Grandson Leaving Ford

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Ever given that Ford was started by Henry Ford, various generations of the Ford family members have experienced a presence at the firm, continuing the family’s legacy. Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford, took about as president of the firm in 1919 until 1943. Edsel’s son, Henry Ford II, then turned CEO of Ford in 1945 and made a large push for the firm to compete in Le Mans, major to the creation of the famous Ford GT40 that famously defeated Ferrari in Le Mans four yrs operating.

Decades later on, Henry Ford III, the wonderful-wonderful-grandson of Henry Ford, aided Ford return to Le Mans racing in 2016 with the new next-technology Ford GT. Nevertheless, it can be now the close of an period, because Henry Ford III has introduced he is leaving the firm effective from July 1.

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