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Hennessey Installs Custom Exhaust On Corvette C8 For Extra 21 Wheel HP

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Hennessey highlights its stainless metal exhaust for the Chevrolet Corvette C8 that would make the sporting activities car seem a entire large amount meaner in this online video. You can find also a possibility to see the labor vital to put in the new pipes.

The new cat-back exhaust weighs all over ten lbs (four.54 kilograms) much less than the stock unit. It also allegedly frees up about 21 horsepower (16 kilowatts) and 19 pound-toes (26 Newton-meters) of electrical power at the wheels. These numbers are really extraordinary, and Hennessey has a online video (below) exhibiting a dyno operate to substantiate the claims.


Hennessey says that an person could put in the exhaust by themself, but judging by this online video, you are heading to want obtain to a lift right before trying it. Using the areas to a expert with the appropriate instruments is appears to be like like a smarter conclusion. There are heaps of bolts to take out in really hard-to-attain destinations, and the total rear fascia has to come off.

When the function is completed, the new exhaust has a frivolously polished complete with round stores. The curving condition of the pipes makes an location in the center exactly where the two arches meet, and Hennessey provides its brand to this part.

Compared to the stock set up, the Hennessey exhaust has a large amount additional bass to its seem. Even as the revs climb, the noise never ever really gains a lot of a large-pitched be aware.

Hennessey designs to construct 1,000 models of this exhaust for 2020-2021. The organization is making all over twenty of them for every week, so the tuner estimates a few to four weeks for delivery. 

The initially one hundred models of the stainless metal exhaust are $2,995. After that, the selling price rises to $3,495.

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