February 6, 2023

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Hennessey Corvette C8 Wheels Are Wider Yet Lighter Than Stock

Hennessey is expanding its Chevrolet Corvette products offerings by introducing a new established of wheels that weigh in total 22 kilos (ten kilograms) much less than what the athletics motor vehicle has in stock sort. They really don’t look as well undesirable possibly. A established costs $5,995.

The cast alloy wheels aspect ten spokes that become subtly thinner from the hub to the rim. Hennessey handles them in a Gunmetal Grey finish, except for a lighter coloration for the brand’s stylized “H” emblem in the heart.

The wheels in entrance measure 19 inches in diameter and eight.5 inches vast, which is 50 percent an inch broader than stock. They every single weigh 21.3 kilos (9.sixty six kilograms) for a four.3-pound (one.95-kilogram) financial savings about the twenty five.6-pound (eleven.sixty one-kilogram) items that the car arrives with.

The scenario is mostly similar at the again. The Hennessey wheels are twenty inches in diameter and eleven inches vast, which is also 50 percent an inch broader than stock. These weigh twenty five.four kilos (eleven.52 kilograms) to save 6.7 kilos (3.04 kilograms) about the common 32.one-pound (14.56-kilograms) areas.

Hennessey also provides a cat-again exhaust for the Corvette. The pipes weigh around ten kilos (four.fifty four kilograms) much less than the stock. Additionally, the company statements that it opens up 21 horsepower (sixteen kilowatts) and 19 pound-feet (26 Newton-meters) of ability at the wheels. The initial 100 models are $2,995, and these are nonetheless available as of this writing. Following that, the price raises to $3,495.

The company is also functioning on a twin-turbo kit for the C8. Even in prototype sort, it is able of pushing the engine’s output to 643 horsepower (479 kilowatts) and 570 pound-feet (773 Newton-meters) of torque at the wheels.