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Great Wall Ute Reviews | Overview

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THERE was a time around fifteen to 20 decades back when Korean makes like Hyundai and Kia were regarded to be inferior to their Japanese rivals, a notion that took decades to alter.


Rapid ahead to the present day, and the Koreans are proper on par now with the Japanese makes in phrases of high-quality and refinement, leaving Chinese makes to get the mantle as the perceived inferior nation of manufacture.


Having said that, like the Korean makes just before them, the Chinese motor vehicle-makers seem to be catching up, and quick – proof of this can be viewed in the new Terrific Wall Motors (GWM) select-up, aptly named the Ute.


Changing the rugged and simple Steed workhorse, the Ute appears to be like to be a significant stage up in nearly each way. 


We took the mid-spec Cannon-L for a spin to come across out just how far GWM has appear.

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