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Ford Promises To Ship New Broncos Very Soon

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Ford will also be installing the remedied new hardtops in 2021 Broncos that were held back. Consequently, if your Bronco was delayed because of the roof problem, it ought to arrive at your selected dealer within just a 7 days as well. The Bronco’s internet marketing supervisor, Mark Grueber, claims that “screening has been completed” and that Ford is now “ramping up creation of the new roof.” Ford will get hold of customers when the new roofs are prepared for set up.

“We’ve started off the roof replacements on the hardtop. We will be continuing to ramp that up to switch the roofs on automobiles presently being held needing the new roof,” claims Grueber. “Shortly, we are going to be beginning to ship the new roofs out to sellers for these automobiles that have now been delivered. We assume to be shipping the roofs and the Broncos with the new roofs within just the 7 days.”

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