February 6, 2023

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Ford Frightening Hits The Dyno As 2JZ-Swapped F-150

The Hoonigan workforce is developing a incredibly unique Ford F-150 to demolish all tires. Welcome to the Ford Frightening, a 2Jz Swapped 2004 Ford Lightning pickup truck. The inventory Ford F-150 Lightning packed a supercharged 5.4-liter V8, but as we know, nothing beats a developed 2JZ swap if you want crazy levels of power. The Hoonigan workforce may well have their new motor mounted in the F-150, but there is a large amount of do the job remaining for them to make it to their scheduled dyno appointment.

Swapping in an motor from a entirely diverse car is tricky, to say the minimum. As it turns out the hundreds of manufacturing facility personnel, engineers, and manufacturing robots utilised by OEMs to develop autos are really fantastic a developing vehicles. Which is why it requires a focused group of experienced builders to make a performing car in a garage like the unique Ford Frightening.

The F-150 Lightning may well have returned to recent headlines as Ford’s all-new electrical-run truck for 2022, but in 2004 points ended up a very little diverse. The F-150 Lightning utilised to be a loud V8-run brief bed solitary taxi burnout machine intended to give shoppers a useable bed and Mustang levels of general performance. To revisit and perfect this components, the Hoonigan workforce resolved it was time to insert in 1 of the ideal engines on earth, the famous 2JZ from the Toyota Supra.

The comprehensive develop requires a large amount of custom fabrication because the 2JZ is a entirely diverse style than the inventory V8 the Lightning was developed all over. Tuning is also a huge element of this develop because the 2JZ has a greater turbo, greater injectors, and a custom air consumption. We’re thrilled to see all of this tricky do the job in motion for the duration of the tuning session afterwards on in the develop.