February 4, 2023

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First Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen van enters service in Germany

Vauxhall’s European counterpart, Opel, has come to be the very first producer to make and provide a hydrogen gas-mobile van for professional use. The Vivaro-e Hydrogen joins its battery-run equivalent and will get there in the Uk in early 2023.

The very first case in point of the Vivaro-e Hydrogen will begin services with domestic appliance maker, Miele, in the Rhine-Primary area of Germany. The motor vehicle will execute “daily area service” in the firm’s domestic market.

Vauxhall’s proper-hand-drive equivalent is not due to get there in the Uk ahead of early 2023. The Luton brand name is “actively speaking to small business buyers in the Uk now” pertaining to the gas-mobile van.

“The new Vivaro-e Hydrogen correctly meets the prerequisites of fleet buyers,” claimed Opel’s head of enhancement, Marcus Lott. “The hydrogen van is the ideal solution for driving extended distances with zero-emissions-in-use as properly as for transporting more substantial hundreds with no losing time even though charging the batteries.”

Vauxhall’s new professional gas-mobile electrical motor vehicle (FCEV) is primarily based on the similar platform as the battery electrical Vivaro-e, and it takes advantage of the similar front-mounted electrical motor too, rated at 134bhp in the Vivaro-e but unconfirmed in this Hydrogen variant. Nevertheless, in place of the substantial underfloor battery is a more compact 10.5kWh device mounted beneath the front seats, which is continually billed by a 45kW gas mobile. 

The gas mobile is fed by 3 seven hundred-bar hydrogen tanks that can be refilled in 3 minutes at a hydrogen refuelling station. Vauxhall statements a highest vary of 249 miles, eclipsing the 205 miles claimed by the largest 75kWh battery version of the Vivaro-e.

The Vivaro-e Hydrogen will occur with plug-in aid too, so can run using battery power by yourself for a highest vary of 31 miles. 

Probably a lot more importantly for customers, the packaging of the hydrogen drivetrain does not improve the carrying capability of the van – the cargo quantity of six.1m2 is stage with diesel and battery-electrical variations of the Vivaro. Highest payload stands at one,000kg. 

“We are already in speak to with Uk fleet operators that want to go the excess mile on sustainability and we appear forward to bringing Vivaro-e Hydrogen to the Uk quickly,” mentioned Paul Willcox, handling director at Vauxhall.

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