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Custom Audi RS4 Avant Is Ready To Go On A Safari

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The primary Audi RS4 Avant was launched in 1999 as the successor to the mighty Audi RS2 Avant. Just like its predecessor, it was readily available only as a station wagon, earning a genuinely special providing on the industry. With just about 6,000 units produced and delivered globally, it was a scarce fowl, as well.

Likely not numerous of you know that the initially-gen RS4 Avant was also exported to some Asian markets. We really do not know the actual selection of examples sold in Japan, although we know at least one particular of these vehicles is continue to alive. And it appears to be nothing like the primary car or truck.

The video at the leading of this posting tells the story of a JDM RS4 Avant, imported into the United States. At first, it was sold to an aftermarket company, which stanced the speedy wagon and gave it major wheels. Finally, the car or truck was sold to its current owner, who had a extremely diverse vision of what it need to seem like.

Enter what is likely the world’s initially (and only) RS4 Avant Allroad B5. The make was commissioned by its current owner, who life in Massachusetts and wishes to drive a rapid car or truck year around. With an open up checkbook, custom store AI Structure designed this safari model of the RS4 Avant with lifted suspension, distinct matte black complete, and correct wintertime tires.

In the video, Matt Farah drives the car or truck around a keep track of but it’s significantly from staying a usual keep track of session. The keep track of is soaked, the outdoors temperature is lower, and there are patches of snow and ice all around, yet the all-wheel-drive wagon is attacking the corners at a very good rate. That is what you get when you blend a rapid 4×4 Audi with off-road upgrades.

In the second 50 percent of the video, you can be a part of Farah who visits AI Design’s store for a thorough walkaround tour of the tuned RS4.

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