January 29, 2023

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Big Brother is watching: police receive 89 dash cam clips a day

Law enforcement are receiving an regular of 89 dash cam clips of alleged motoring offences just about every working day, with motorists being urged to ‘always drive as if you are being watched by the police’.

In 2019, 32,370 items of dash cam footage had been sent to the 24 Uk law enforcement forces that responded to a Freedom of Details request by the RAC – much more than 2 times as numerous as the fifteen,159 acquired the preceding year. Additionally, 8,148 (25 per cent) of the clips acquired in 2019 resulted in a prosecution.

The Metropolitan Law enforcement acquired 8,082 dash cam clips in 2019 – much more than any other drive. Surrey was second with three,542 and West Midlands third on three,242. Fourth was Gwent Law enforcement, which acquired three,037, though Bigger Manchester Law enforcement had been sent two,940.

The footage acquired by law enforcement forces covered a variety of motoring offences, which includes perilous driving, careless driving or driving without the need of thanks care and consideration, driving way too close to cyclists, contravening pink visitors lights, contravening double white strains, contravening ‘no entry’ indications, illegal use of a handheld cell mobile phone and proof of autos apparently without the need of MOTs.

Dash cam producer Nextbase operates a footage portal wherever drivers can upload clips to 33 law enforcement forces. It is explained to have saved one hundred seventy,000 several hours of law enforcement time over two decades.

RAC highway basic safety spokesman Simon Williams explained dash cams are a “game-changer”, with drivers ready to effortlessly post clips to the law enforcement without the need of a highway visitors officer needing to have witnessed the incident.

He additional: “As so numerous drivers and cyclists are now making use of dash cams and helmet cameras, just about every highway user requires to be really aware that any of their steps that aren’t in accordance with the legislation could close up with the law enforcement. Some will inevitably uncover this out the difficult way though many others will ideally turn out to be ever more aware of it.”

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