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Bentley Is Done With Super-Powered Limited-Run Specials

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Thus a plug-in hybrid version of the Continental is the concentration now, probably with a V8 hybrid technique identical to that of the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, or potentially some thing a bit more distinctive to rival the powertrain of the new GT sixty three S E Performance from Mercedes-AMG. While it would seem clear that a V8 hybrid is the way to go, Bentley requires to present some thing that its purchasers will snap up, and the W12 is however the favored engine of most vital marketplaces.

So why not present a hybrid alongside a runout distinctive celebrating internal combustion? Perfectly, these runout specials generally get there at the stop of a car’s life cycle, and when the existing Continental is completely ready to retire, Bentley will have presently begun adapting to constructing electrified versions. It just isn’t going to make sense financially or for the brand’s impression. So appreciate the GT Pace, it is really the most effective and most targeted Continental you can expect to be able to buy.

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