January 31, 2023

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BangShift.com International Harvester 392 With Zoomies Sounds Awesome In A Boat

Boat Anchor? Heck No! Boat Motor! This Global Harvester 392 With Zoomies Seems Magnificent In A Boat!

Boat Anchor? Heck No! Boat Motor! This International Harvester 392 With Zoomies Sounds Awesome In A Boat!

The Intercontinental Harvester 392 V8 is one of the most overbuilt, hefty-responsibility, run permanently and not make a whole lot of horsepower variety of engines ever designed. They consume fuel like couple of other engines of their displacement, they weigh like 800lbs, and they are appreciated by equipment heads who realize what amazingly durability is well worth in a grain truck or a bus. The factory ranking was like 235hp at 4,000 RPM and 356 lb-ft at 2800 RPM. Once again, fantastic numbers in a truck that you are lugging things with but not exactly the factors very hot rod goals are manufactured of. That is why this online video is so amazing.

Who in their ideal mind would jam one of these hulking ingots into the back of an outdated speedboat?! There are components that make these first rate boat engines like the point that they form of really like regular condition operation in that 3,500-3,800 rpm assortment (except if the valve springs are so weary it is floating the valves at that level) they are not heading to be weaklings as considerably as the fluctuating loads on the crank and rods that the h2o presents but they are not, under any instances going to be “speedy”. So, yeah. We appreciate the weirdness of it but we’d preserve this just one absent from the boat drags!

Lastly, this video clip is further proof that anything, even a reduced horsepower, low-compression, no camshaft geared up mill like this one particular seems killer with zoomies on it. We even dig the very little licks of header flame that can be observed when the RPMs are “winged” (relatively talking) early on in the online video.

If absolutely nothing else this ought to make you smile for anything different.

Push play underneath to see this Global Harvester 392 V8 run in an outdated boat –


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