Audi temporarily halts production of the e-tron | Car News

German automaker Audi has briefly halted generation of its e-tron electrical SUV thanks to a deficiency of batteries, highlighting the issues going through common carmakers as they get ready to electrify their lineups.

In accordance to information outlet Bloomberg, generation of the design at the company’s plant in Brussels, Belgium, has been halted so that Audi can resolve provide issues going through the company. The publication reports that Audi offered extra than 26,000 e-tron models in 2019, such as extra than 5,000 in the United States. The shutdown is anticipated to be transient, the company promising to resume functions as quickly as feasible.  

The Volkswagen Group’s luxury manufacturer plans to grow its e-tron lineup to include a new Sportback design, and a high-performance variant (potentially with both equally system styles) is also said to be in growth. At the instant, it is unclear how the battery lack could possibly influence Audi’s plans to grow its variety of electrical automobiles.

Audi e-tron Sportback

In addition to including new variants, the maker is doing the job on improving the foundation-design e-tron by progressive powertrain updates, Tesla-model. These have already included some twenty five kilometers of variety to the model’s current battery pack. It continues to be to be observed regardless of whether these modifications will be included into upcoming styles for the North American market place.

While the e-tron is now Audi’s flagship electrical car, the design is only anticipated to survive one particular era. As BMW plans to do, Audi will start out integrating its electrical models into its current solution line. This is hardly astonishing going with electrical variations of recognized models is in all probability observed as a extra reassuring go for consumers.

Audi is not the only major field player to knowledge issues ramping up generation of electrical automobiles. Mercedes-Benz delayed the introduction of its EQC SUV, set to be a direct rival of Audi’s e-tron, by a yr. While Daimler denies that issues feeding its assembly line ample battery packs is behind that go, the issues going through the two German companies highlight the challenges that carmakers have encountered when trying to raise generation of new electrical automobiles.