January 29, 2023

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689-HP Mini With Honda Engine And CR-V AWD Loses Third Gear

How would you react if you blew your transmission? For this Mini Cooper owner, it was all portion of the program for this crazy Mini create. Beneath the hood of this Mini Cooper gone are the inventory motor and drivetrain in favor of a Honda K-Collection motor and all-wheel-push method from a CR-V SUV. The final result is a very seriously fast Mini Cooper with extra power than its transmission could cope with, but that is ok, the owner has a program.

What takes place when you swap a two.four-liter K-Collection inline-four motor from a Honda into a Mini Cooper? Based on this video clip extremely great matters, however, there are a couple of further pieces to this one of a kind components. You will also will need a 68-millimeter turbocharger and an all-wheel-push method from a Honda CR-V to match this crazy create.

The ensuing 689 horsepower Mini Cooper is a riot on the street and even as well powerful for its inventory Mini transmission which the owner basically blew even though on digicam. His response was awesome, to say the minimum. “It’s ok I have a pet box at home”, he calmly mentioned.

With the ability to spin all four Hoosier slicks this one very seriously spectacular create. Not only did the owner include a totally new motor to his Mini, but he also uncovered a way to make it all-wheel push. Packing all of this home-brewed engineering into these kinds of a small and perfectly-executed deal is spectacular, to say the minimum.

Based on the smiles this auto creates the create was perfectly value it. Since the video clip, the owner is previously doing the job on a new edition of this mad Mini Cooper with a stronger transmission to cope with all of the power from this boosted K24 motor and we can’t wait to see it strike the street.