February 6, 2023

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2022 GMC Hummer EV could get a rival from China’s Dongfeng

The reputation of GMC’s Hummer EV has not long gone unnoticed in China. Condition-owned carmaker Dongfeng is reportedly arranging to start an electric model of the M50 Warrior, a Hummer-like off-roader, that will inaugurate a new sub-brand committed to battery-driven trucks.

Without citing sources, web site Car Information China wrote that the division will be termed M, a letter that stands for a little something entirely unique if the vehicles that you might be into occur from Munich. Executives are to begin with scheduling a few versions identified as M18-1, M18-2, and M18-3, respectively. The M18-1 will access the industry very first, and it is really explained as an electrified M50 Warrior (pictured) with seating for six.

Dongfeng will make the M18-1 on a new architecture referred to as MORV that was developed in-house. The powertrain will develop up to 1,072 horsepower, which is 72 horses extra than the most powerful edition of the Hummer EV, nonetheless the zero-to-60-mph time will verify in at beneath 5 seconds, which is roughly 2 seconds extra than the GMC. It will supply close to 310 miles of selection thanks to a 140-kilowatt-hour battery.

A further exciting point is that the M18-1 will supposedly be considerably lighter than the Hummer EV — it will even weigh much less than the gasoline-powered M50 Warrior that it truly is based on. It will suggestion the scale at all around 6,900 pounds and extend about 205 inches very long, in contrast to 9,046 pounds and 217 inches for the Hummer. Of class, these numbers are purely hypothetical right up until the truck begins rolling off the assembly line.

Talking of, manufacturing is tentatively scheduled to start in 2023 in a factory that is at present getting created in China. Dongfeng expects to promote around 4,160 models per thirty day period, however absolutely nothing indicates that the M18-1 will enterprise onto the GMC Hummer EV’s household turf.

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