Day: April 12, 2020

Israeli startup Adasky uses its automotive technology to fight COVID-19

He said Adasky has already had conversations with potential users who see benefits in ensuring high-profile CEOs and senior government officials are not in proximity to anyone who has a fever.

The camera is the same used for automotive purposes. What’s changed is the software. Normally, it detects heat at ranges needed for automotive applications, but the camera was tweaked to work at short ranges and focus on taking temperatures from a specific body part, typically the head. The cameras can work passively from afar — they don’t need to be held — and they can gather temperature information simultaneously

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Losing business to nearby states

Heidi Pehl, president of five-rooftop I-5 Cars in Chehalis, Wash., said her dealership group has sold a few vehicles under the limited-sales criteria, including a Toyota truck to a firefighter whose vehicle was totaled.

With 40 percent of her staff laid off, Pehl is hopeful the state will allow more auto sales.

“We absolutely would not jeopardize anyone’s health, including myself and my people that work for me,” she said.

“This is a need. And it goes beyond the dealer. It goes to the city and the counties and the state revenues.”

In Pennsylvania, where there has been confusion among

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