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2020 Chevy Corvette With Hennessey Exhaust Makes Brutal Noise

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The famed American tuner is again with a new tailor made exhaust method for the...

The famed American tuner is again with a new tailor made exhaust method for the Corvette C8. Along with introducing drama to the inventory soundtrack, the new pipes are lighter than inventory and give the 2020 ‘Vette much more ability and torque. Hennessy’s most current video clip showcases the improved seem and functionality that the method provides.

It gives the new Corvette 21 much more horsepower (sixteen kilowatts) and 19 much more pound-ft (25 Newton-meters) of torque. Along with these improvements, the Hennessey method is eleven lbs . lighter than the factory unit. Developed from stainless metal, the method is not only lighter than inventory but will final much extended without having the threat of rust or corrosion. All really good content houses for an exhaust method.

Hennessey’s new style and design for the C8 doesn’t only make the automobile more rapidly, but also totally transforms the character of the automobile. Inside of the very first 10 seconds of the video clip, a collection of revs verify that this method takes the Corvette’s seem from quick road automobile to racetrack terminator. You wouldn’t miscalculation it for a C8R racer exiting the pits at Daytona, but it is nevertheless mighty impressive. It gives the automobile a much much more uncooked and angry seem around the relatively pedestrian inventory exhaust.

Developed in-property at Hennessey, the exhaust noticed and heard in the video clip is the exact identical method that powered the tuner’s take a look at automobile to around 205 mph (329.9 kph). Coming from the identical business that made a single of the swiftest road-authorized cars ever, this seems to be to be an impressive method, at minimum when it will come to seem. Would you upgrade your C8? Enable us know in the responses down below. 

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