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2001 Dodge Viper GTS Nearly Burned To A Crisp

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The Dodge Viper is no much more and the automaker has no intention of bringing it back. But if there is a person issue we all have to have to remember in the car sector, it can be this: never ever say never ever. The reborn GMC Hummer EV is evidence. This is not to say the Viper will a person day return as an all-electric auto, but these types of a situation should never ever be ruled out. No matter of no matter if or not that’ll even transpire, there are however lots of utilised Vipers however lurking about, and their price tags can change greatly.

Take this 2001 Viper GTS, for instance. Underneath typical circumstances, it’d be well worth $forty nine,950. There are also just 35,736 miles on its odometer. On paper, this seems very superior, but then you see the photographs. Sure, this innocent Viper suffers from important burn off problems.

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