May 28, 2023

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VinFast Announces Two New Compact Electric SUVs

What’s so unique about the VF 6 and VF 7?

Apart from projected rates that are noticeably lower than individuals of the VF 8 and VF 9, the VF 6 and VF 7 electric SUVs deliver fairly metropolis-welcoming proportions and some fairly suave styling. The latter is subjective, but we can quantify the previous: The VF 6 is a Chevy Trax-sized runabout at roughly 167 inches bumper to bumper, although the VF 7’s 180-inch duration places it about an inch shy of a Toyota RAV4.

If you talk to us, the smart money’s on the VF 7. We have observed SUVs of that sizing dominate the sales charts for equally mainstream and luxury brand names, and the VF 7’s sleek seems could help it straddle the line and get thing to consider from both of those sides of the fence. Entry-amount VF 7s will have a single electrical motor excellent for about 201 horsepower, whilst the VF 7 In addition adds a 2nd motor for an remarkable total of 349 hp.

But the VF 6 appears like a sensible notion, also, giving VinFast a head-to-head competitor for the Chevrolet Bolt EUV and other pint-sized EV gamers. Whilst the VF 6 arrives only with a one motor, you can decide for the 201-hp variation from the base VF 7, so acceleration shouldn’t be an challenge. The foundation VF 6 is not significantly driving at 174 hp.

We hope both the VF 6 and the VF 7 to be offered with the same strange battery lease terms as their more substantial stablemates, which is a warning flag for intrigued consumers. If you want to own the battery in your VinFast, prepare to pay out noticeably a lot more than the foundation MSRP — and even if you’re Ok with leasing it, you can expect to be taking on an additional regular monthly payment.

Notably, range estimates were being unavailable as of this producing.