June 9, 2023

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Singer’s First Porsche 911 DLS Is An Absolute Stunner

“What a amazing expertise! The towering staff of proficient heroes we managed to assemble for the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study has produced an astonishing consequence – the motor vehicle is simply extraordinary,” said Dickinson. “I am so content for our commissioning consumers – we will be repaying their enormous endurance and belief with a really amazing machine.”

Developed in collaboration with a extended checklist of complex associates including Williams Advanced Engineering, Bosch, Michelin, Brembo, Hewland, and BBS Motorsports, the initially buyer instance of Singer’s Porsche 911 DLS is centered on a 1989 Porsche 911. It can be concluded in a gorgeous Oak Eco-friendly shade. Hans Mezger, who developed Porsche’s initially flat-6 unit, is also a complex specialist for the undertaking. The physique is made totally from carbon fiber, bringing the suppress body weight down to just 2,182 kilos.