June 7, 2023

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QOTD: What's Your Road Trip Car for Turkey Day?

QOTD: What’s Your Road Trip Car for Turkey Day?

I hope y’all experienced a satisfied Thanksgiving. To remedy the query, my existing car or truck is almost Ideal for these types of highway excursions, but I can believe of an even far better one particular, which has the identical awesome motor in a even bigger, much additional lavish motor vehicle.

Okay, let us Feel, what type of auto is ideal for this sort of a vacation? NOT a 911 or a Corvette, not a System-on-frame pickup truck or SUV. It has to be a Very long motor vehicle, and most importantly, with a Lengthy WHEELBASE. It really should be rather heavy so it is relaxed (in addition to the normally great to have passive security). It ought to be impressive but frugal, with present-day preposterous gas selling prices. It ought to be High-class so when you get out of it right after 12 hrs of driving, to feel as rested and peaceful as when you started off the excursion.

So the natural way the ideal candidates are FLAGSHIP Luxurious SEDANS with the above characteristics.

What are the very best ones to pick out? A 2007-2012 Lexus 460 LS would be challenging to refuse, and is extremely responsible to boot. (in 2012 they ruined its grille), but is very poor in other chores (handling, weak steering truly feel etcetera). A BMW 7 series, like the Magnificent 1998 740iL with its enough 4.4 lt V8 and its 282 HP and 300+ LBFT torque was also an fantastic cruiser AS Very well as a good (as if on rails!) Handling motor vehicle, with plenty of characteristics and luxurious in good shape for a king inside (additionally they had facrtory GPS as early as 1998, which Merc Did not then!), but it is not as reliable as you would like. I owned 1 from 2005 to 2017, virtually 20 yrs outdated and 150k miles at the conclude, when I donated it.

My existing vehicle is just ideal for this job, becoming a Superb DIESEL Merc E 320 Bluetec 2007 (I also have a 2008 twin!), it receives 35-37 MPG on very long excursions, which offsets the absurd recent Diesel costs, AND its 21 Gallon tank offers you 700-800 MILES OF Assortment, so you can fill up at the most affordable price tag stations at your benefit. As opposed with the BMW 7 V8, its V6 truly gives you about the3 identical general performance at 50 % the MPG!! Since the HP may well be significantly less (208 vs 282) BUT the TOrque can only be matched by AMG gas versions, the E55 AMG, at over 400 LBFT.

If you want a very little better than the over Great decision, check out the S350 Bluetec Diesel, 2010-2013 types. THere are quite few Diesels offered in the US, so you may possibly have to push 4 hours to purchase yours (as I had to do with equally of mine), BUT it is Really Worthy of IT.

BTW, the excess gain of the diesel MErcs, they are THE MOST Reputable Vehicles I At any time DROVE, and I experienced a good deal of Hondas and other alleged reliable cars and trucks in the previous. TWO diesels, owned from 2016 and 2017, and Practically nothing went wrong with them other than Routine Upkeep, brake pad alternative, new established of tires, NO FAILURES OF ANY Sort!

If you have experienced these fantastic cruisers, explain to us what you think. If NOT, try out them!