June 6, 2023

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Over half of drivers break 30mph limits

Far more than half of car or truck drivers break 30mph pace restrictions, official Government figures have uncovered.

Recently unveiled Office for Transport studies for 2019 show that drivers are most likely to break 30mph pace restrictions, with 54 for each cent of motorists executing so. On motorways, exactly half of drivers break the pace limit, when only nine for each cent of drivers break the 60mph barrier on single carriageway national pace limit streets.

The figures for previous 12 months also show 12 for each cent of drivers break the pace limit on motorways by additional than 10mph. Only six for each cent did so on 30mph streets and the determine was just a single for each cent on single carriageway national pace limit streets.

On motorways, forty nine for each cent of van drivers broke the pace limit, when fifty five for each cent did so in 30mph zones. In the meantime, 99 for each cent of articulated lorries caught to the limit on motorways – with pace limiters no question taking part in a element – but worryingly only fifty six for each cent of HGVs obeyed 30mph restrictions.

Exceeding the pace limit was a contributory element in five.one for each cent of road site visitors mishaps in 2018, up from four.8 for each cent in 2017. The Office for Transport says that compliance with pace restrictions has broadly remained steady since 2011.

RAC road basic safety spokesman Simon Williams referred to as the figures “alarming”, including: “We know that during the times of rigid lockdown there was a true prevalence of speeding in designed-up locations. Breaking pace restrictions is illegal and places all people utilizing the road in hazard. It’s important the Government’s evaluation into road policing addresses the elephant in the area – a lack of enforcement.”

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